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Electrostatic Painting Guys offers affordable solutions and employs the charged particles in an energetic way. Electrostatic paint may be in the form of liquid or powdered particles. In addition to the electrostatic coating, electrically conductive parts are dipped into a tank which is filled with paint, which is then electro statically charged. When the ionic bond of the paint meets the metal, it creates the paint coating. The electrically conductive parts are removed from the tank and then rinsed off to remove any residual paint which is not ironically bonded. Call us at 800-511-7740 today to get fantastic look to your product


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We ensure long term association with our customers by providing good services. We have well equipped modern production facilities. We use scratch resistant paints to gain long life. Electrostatic Painting Guys reduces thermal conductivity. You can go for classical and traditional designs as well. Customers will be able to choose from a series of service bundles. It is more impact resistant than other forms of coating. Electrostatic Painting Guys is capable of transforming the appearance of the material. It has the potential to be visually clean and crisp. Electrostatic Painting Guys offers extra services such as the installation process to its esteemed clients. Hence we provide durable product. A team will check all your properties which are needed for the implementation. From the start to finish of implementation our experts will guide in all kinds of aspects and they will finish the task so that you wont have to look for another service provider. The selection of patterns can be done easily. For more details you can reach us through 800-511-7740 and we will provide all the information.


Customer relationship based services

At Electrostatic Painting Guys, we value all our customers and it is our desire to meet all their needs just as they want them. We therefore focus all our services in making our customer satisfied while at the same time promoting a good relationship with all of them. The main reason to have varieties of designs is to give the clients a bundle of choices from where they can come with unique and different designs of coating. The varieties are brought about by differences in colors, patterns, texture, and so on. Electrostatic Painting Guys offers solutions which are free from all kinds of risks.

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We at Electrostatic Painting Guys offer the quick and adhered service. The designs are given as per the need of the owners without giving any difficulties to them. We ensure that your needs will be satisfied in a shortest path of time. The Electrostatic Painting Guys furnish the color, accent and right type of material to the customers.

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The Electrostatic Painting Guys offer best-in-class support so that you can discuss your needs with the service provider and the job can be accomplished in an effortless manner. With our works in electrostatic coatings in Electrostatic Painting Guys, we will mix all the relevant features and textures to ensure that you get just what you had hoped for.

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